Adding to city’s cultural fabric.

The best thing about homegrown brands, especially in a young urban center like Dubai, is that they greatly contribute to the culture. The emirate offers various free zones that support and encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Even though multinational companies dominate Dubai’s commerce culture, Chris, one of the founders of Artisan and Monkey, believes the next wave of business in the emirate will come from smaller, start-up boutique brands.
“These brands will further contribute to the multinational UAE culture and will give young people with an entrepreneurial mindset a chance to start their professional career right here in Dubai,” Chris, who prefers to only be known by his first name, told StepFeed.

8 Dubai Brands you should know about | The Camel Soap Factory

5. The Camel Soap Factory

The Camel Soap Factory is a brand born when a Dubai-based mother needed an alternative to her 9-6 job. Step by step, founder Stevi Lowmass started learning how to make soap with camel milk.

“I noticed there was a real gap in the gift market for locally made products (this was in 2002). Combined with my love of natural craft soaps, I thought that making natural soaps with a local ingredient, camel milk, might work. The rest is history,” Lowmass told StepFeed.

At the factory, oils and camel milk are mixed in huge buckets with a saponifying agent. Fine essential oils are then added to the mixture. Once the soap blocks are cut into bars, they are left to cure for four weeks, after which they are packaged in reusable jute bags.

“Our vision [is] to put the UAE and the Middle East on the map for natural skincare … to create natural product in an environmentally sustainable manner. We are currently looking at extending our product range to incorporate other local ingredients going forward,” she adds.

Originally Published on StepFeed, Sept 23, 2017


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