We are excited to welcome you to our factory.

Want to follow your passion or hobby of natural soap making?

With over 2 million bars of experience. We have compiled our courses to be highly informative by our team of professional soap makers to give you the best start to success.

Why go with us?

We strive to bring you the most natural and high quality products

All inclusive

We provide all the materials and equipment at our premises.

We are mindful in all that we do

You keep what you make

The soaps you make, you take home with you.

We use no harsh chemical in our products


Certificate awarded upon course completion.

An advanced introduction to soap making. Join our exclusive 2-day practical soap-making course and embark on a creative journey like no other.

Delve deeper into the art of soap manufacture. Master the craft of soap making with hands-on guidance from our expert instructors.

Hands-on experience: Participate in practical hands-on sessions where you will actually create your own soap under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Course fees: 1837.50 AED

Number of participants: up to 6

Next class starts: 2-3 March 2024.

Hours: Each day will start at 9 am and finish around 4 pm.

Includes a 3 month care package to help hone your new skills

What you will learn

Soap-making basics:

Understand the fundamental concepts of soap making, including ingredients, equipment, and safety precautions.

Soap types & formulations:

Explore various types of soap (cold process, melt-and-pour methods) and learn how to create your unique soap recipes.

Ingredients & Sourcing:

Gain insight into different soap-making ingredients such as oils, lye, fragrances, and colourants. Learn where to source quality materials.


Acquire problem-solving skills for common issues that may arise during the soap-making process.

Scent & colour customization:

Discover how to add scents and colours to your soap, allowing you to create personalized and aromatic products.

Meet the team

About Shahrzad Jalilian

Shahrzad Jalilian has been engaged in handmade soap crafting as a hobby since 2007. In 2013, she officially started this endeavor in Iran, and through various television and radio interviews, the soap brand “Shahrzad Soap” was born.

Since 2018, she has been providing specialized training to housewives and individuals interested in starting new businesses and ventures. She has conducted entrepreneurial activities in various cities and villages in Iran, offering guidance and training in starting businesses.

Throughout these years, Shahrzad has travelled extensively to India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka to deepen her knowledge of medicinal plants. In her teachings, she shares all her research and knowledge to contribute to the well-being of people and the Earth.

Over 2 million soap bars of experience.

With over 28 years of experience between Shahrzad and Stevi in soap making.

About Stevi Lowmass

When Stevi first started experimenting with handcrafted cold process soap in 2011, she noticed a gap in the UAE market. There were very few authentic and locally made souvenirs available in the UAE. An opportunity she couldn’t pass up. Little did she know that her kitchen-based undertaking would create the world’s largest camel milk soap factory.

By 2023, Stevi had grown The Camel Soap Factory to become a multiple award-winning company within the beauty and business space.

The joy of giving back: Stevi loves giving back to communities and is involved with various mentoring groups, helping upcoming leaders hone their skills and preparing for the future. She designed these courses not only to educate people interested in soap making, but to bring like-minded people together in the fun that is soap making.