We put our values first


The accumulation of plastic waste in our rivers and oceans is a problem.
Our vision is to create simple, natural and effective products with reduced plastic-free packaging.


To craft natural products, inspired by the heritage of the Middle East, that are kind to your skin and kind to our planet.

Innovation with care

There is renewed interest in products that do not require plastic packaging, are manufactured in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way and contain ingredients that are preservative-free where possible and with the least possible chemical ingredients. The Camel Soap Factory is the premier manufacturer of handcrafted soap products made with camel milk in the local UAE market. We are launching or have launched new products highlighting other regional ingredients such as frankincense and sidr, always keeping our eye on our ultimate goal, the plastic free bathroom.

Sustainability: We are true to ourselves and true to what we believe in

We are proud of the fact that our factory uses less electricity than an average villa in Dubai. We use less water than an office with a similar number of workers in it. We try to use oils and fragrances that have been made by businesses like ourselves who also care about the environment. We’re aiming for completely re-usable or recyclable packaging.

We focus on high quality ingredients and high quality manufacturing processes with little or no waste.


From small interactions to big decisions, our values shine through everything we do.


We are a family; our staff, customers and suppliers should feel they are joining a family when dealing with TCSF.


We are mindful about what we create, the quality of our products, our impact on the planet, and what we do on a daily basis.


We are honest, with each other, with customers and suppliers.


We LOVE what we do and want to share it with everyone we know.



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