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Intensely nourishing face creams for protection against environmental stress and fatigue.

Our Camel Milk Face Rescue cream has won multiple awards, including Best Natural Product during Beautyworld 2021. We are proud to say our face creams are amongst the best moisturiser products, especially for dry and damaged skin.

The most basic function of a moisturiser is to hydrate and soften dry skin. If you are looking for an effective moisturiser, Camel Milk Face Rescue cream is a good option – camel milk is the ultimate moisturiser, as it is one of the most nutrient-dense of all milk. Use morning and night, or whenever your skin needs a little more moisturiser. This face cream is suitable for the whole family, adults and children, because we only use premium natural ingredients – read the label, and you will know we care about ingredients.

Camel Milk Face Rescue cream has been very popular, with 100% natural ingredients and 40% fresh camel milk. This cream is designed to improve skin barrier protection and provide gentle care for our skin. Fresh camel milk and Omani frankincense are rich in natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin A, C and E, and antioxidants to brighten and tighten your dry face.

For sensitive or dry skin, our cream also has you covered. Camel milk, plenty in this region, has multiple benefits as a perfect moisturiser:
Alpha Hydroxy Acids:
• Promote collagen and blood flow
• Correct scars and age spots
• Improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Reduce acne breakouts
• Brightens and lightens complexion


• Camel milk has a high concentration and wide variety of essential minerals.
• Calcium – reduces fine lines through skin renewal
• Potassium – reduces blemishes
• Selenium – promotes skin elasticity
• Zinc – promotes new skin growth (see Vit E)


• Camel milk contains some of the highest concentrations of Vitamins of all milk, especially rich in Vitamin C, which is vital for tissue repair.
• Vit A – also known as retinol for plumper younger looking skin
• Vit B2 – reduces symptoms of rosacea and eczema
• Vit D – helps skin grow and repair itself
• Vit E – an antioxidant that slows the signs of aging. In combination with Zinc and Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the effects of Acne.

Fatty Acids:

Lauric and Myristic acids – great for gentle cleansing soaps
Palmitic and stearic acids– support our soap’s creamy lather
Stearic and oleic acids– great conditioning agents

We use fresh camel milk, along with other moisturising natural ingredients, generously in our products. We care about you and the planet, aiming to be one of the best moisturisers with local heritage. Our Three Cream free sample comes as a gift for every order over 120AED.