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Enriched with camel milk, these soaps are ideal for daily use on sensitive and young skins.

Baby skin is more sensitive and prone to rashes than adults, mainly because their tiny immune systems are still maturing. Good baby soap is mild, moisturising, and lacks potentially harmful chemicals.

100% natural ingredients, Naqa the Camel, baby soap, is designed for kids. Super gentle and a kid’s delight, this baby soap has been formulated for dry and sensitive skin. We’ve used gentle and hypo-allergenic sweet almond oil, fresh camel milk and moisturising Shea butter to form the base of this ulta mild soap – in the shape of a cute camel. Fragrance-free, our baby soap avoids chemicals that can dry a baby’s skin and worsen diaper rashes. We don’t use any fragrances that can worsen dry skin or preservatives, which may cause skin irritation, rashes and eczema. It also lets you skip putting creams on the baby after a bath. Made for a baby’s soft sensitive skin, our baby soap also works for adults if your skin is too sensitive for other body wash products. 30% fresh camel milk and other good natural ingredients prevent your skin from being dry and irritated.

Soap Eggs are made of the compressed offcut of natural Castile camel milk soaps. Packed with fresh camel milk as key ingredients, these eggs help kids minimize waste and ensure natural camel milk soaps are not thrown away. The small egg perfectly fits into kids’ small hands, which encourages them to shower on their own without spilling the liquid gels everywhere. The camel milk soaps are moisturising and gentle. It makes a wonderful and fun gift for kids.

Our natural skincare products are good for the whole family. If you travel with a baby or kids, you can also use your camel milk face or body cream on them after the shower, especially if they have sensitive skin. It reduces the complexity of packing.