Spring is time for renewal!

Check these useful 7 tips to prepare your skin for the new season! 

Spring is Time for Renewal |The Camel Soap Factory

7 useful tips to prepare your skin for spring

Keep your skin hydrated: during the winter months, our bodies get less moisture, so it is crucial to increase water consumption as we move into the spring

USE A Sunscreen: shift to a spring skin sunscreen, as sun will start to be stronger and you need to adapt your skin to it 

Exfoliate: the winter months often leave skin dry and irritated. Exfoliation helps remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin, fosters cell renewal and promotes younger, healthier skin

Use a gentle soap: now that the winter weather is on the way out, skin’s natural oils are no longer being stripped away. “Consider switching to a more gentle soap

Moisturise: using a good moisturizing lotion can help heal dry skin and protect it from abrasive conditions all season long

Take shorter showers: the best way to retain moisture is to keep your showers short – about five to 10 minutes is best. Also, showering with lukewarm water is a better choice as hot showers can actually extract moisture from your skin, stripping your skin’s natural oils

Care for your Lips: exfoliate your lips to remove dead layers. When you’re done exfoliating, apply a renewal lip balm; never let your lips go bare!





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