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Our Promise

We’re committed to the idea of a plastic-free bathroom and to manufacturing methods that have little environmental impact and generate no waste, creating products that are great to use without killing our planet.

We strive to bring you the most natural and high quality products


We are mindful in all that we do


We use no harsh chemical in our products

No Added Chemicals

Our packaging and manufacture philosophy is to produce zero waste

Zero Waste

Fresh from the Desert

Our premium natural ingredients have been a part of beauty rituals in the Middle East for centuries. Simple ingredients come together, to work hard for your skin. From camel milk and sidr oil, to Omani frankincense and beyond, our products are packed with skin-loving goodness, straight from the desert.

Camel Milk from the UAE is a key ingredient of our skincare range

Camel Milk

Omani Frankincense

Traditional Sidr Oil conditions skin and hair

Sidr Oil

Olive Oil

Shea Butter


See what others are saying about our products

“I had skin problems – acne and rashes. I used Camel Milk Face Rescue. I tried it for two weeks and my skin is back to normal now. It works!”

Palesa S.

“I received the soap as a gift from my friend. I have to say it’s super gentle to my skin, and the smell is amazing. I’ve been restocking it ever since.”

Susan H.

“I don’t like body wash because it makes me feel slimy versus clean. So bar soap is my jam. Smells just like the forest scent which makes me enjoy it sooo much! Plus it saves water and reduces bathroom waste.”

Pooja A.

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How to use and store your bars

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With a mission to craft natural skincare products, inspired by the heritage of UAE, that are kind to skin and the planet, The Camel Soap Factory is a Dubai-based manufacturing company of the best natural skin care products with iconic local ingredients, such as camel milk and frankincense.

When Stevi Lawmass, our founder and CEO, first came to Dubai, she realized most gifts were not “made in UAE”. She wanted to create natural products that celebrate the heritage of Dubai and enable the travellers and residents to carry a piece of memory about Dubai. She started the venture in her garden shed, and the first batch of hand-crafted soap with camel milk was sold out quickly on a local market. The great reviews on Castile soaps and returning customers gave her confidence to develop more hand-crafted soap products – heritage soaps with Middle Eastern aroma, baby soap in the shape of a camel, facial collection for different skin types – and set up The Camel Soap Factory company properly. We aim to be one of the best soap companies in the world.

From time to time, we also organize soap-making seminars in our Dubai company to help people understand what “hand-crafted soap” means.

Soon, the great benefits of local ingredients, such as camel milk and frankincense, encouraged us to explore more product opportunities. Later on, we extended the product lines to creams. Camel Milk Face Rescue cream won multiple awards soon after its launch. Then we modified the formulation and launched body and hand creams. We don’t stop there. Our latest hair care products, shampoo and conditioner bars, have another two important local ingredients, sidr and henna.

Camel milk

Over 25% fresh camel milk in the handmade soap, 40% in the face creams and 8% in milled soaps – rich in Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, vitamins, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory, immune proteins; camel milk helps to nourish the skin naturally and complement the skin’s own natural immunity. Camel milk soap cleans your skin nicely without making it dry, while camel milk face and body cream give your skin an extra layer of protection.


Natural ingredients

No added chemicals – We mix natural oils, butter and camel milk together with a saponification agent, which starts the process of turning these raw ingredients into our gorgeous camel milk soaps. Our products contain no petrochemical derivatives, no synthetic dyes, and no synthetic preservatives.



We’re committed to the idea of a plastic-free bathroom with recyclable packaging and to manufacturing methods that have a little environmental impact. It’s in line with the wider initiative of the UAE to reduce waste and protect the environment.


Contract Manufacturing

Not limited to soap, we also provide the best facility and expertise for those who want to establish their own brands to produce balm, candle, room spray or fragrance in small batches with sustainable manufacturing practices.