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From distinct skin types to different kinds of soaps to eco-friendly packaging, discover a range of hand and body care products made with the finest natural ingredients

Our camel milk body soaps are packed with nourishing camel milk and other natural ingredients and are probably some of the best hand soap and body soaps on the market. We commit to using premium ingredients in all our products. No matter if you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, we always have soap for you.

Choosing bar soap over liquid soap means using less water and plastic and being more eco-friendly while not sacrificing the effectiveness of cleansing. We care about our customers, as well as our planet.

Our signature handmade camel milk soaps, with 25% to 30% fresh camel milk, moisturise and gently clean different types of skin. Our Camel Soap Factory Castile collection is handmade from olive oil, beeswax, fresh camel milk and premium essential oils, whilst the Heritage collection offers unique and beautiful Middle East aromas such as Oud. Our milled soaps are great for everyday hand and body use, with a good 8% camel milk as key ingredients.

If you are looking for hand or body soaps…

Castile soap, our all-time best seller, is for you. Made from a luxurious blend of olive oil and 25% fresh camel milk, they’re gentle on the skin and luxuriously moisturising.

For normal to oily skin, we recommend our bestselling Rosemary & Tea Tree to soothe the redness and inflammation of acne, or the floral aroma Lavender & Rose Geranium with antibacterial properties;

For dry or sensitive skin, we recommend refreshing Sweet Orange and Lemon, which keeps your skin looking younger. For inflamed and oily skin, the herbal aroma of Rosemary & Peppermint might be the best. It helps control excess oil production and is good for healthy skin. Our unscented Castile soap is handmade from just olive oil, beeswax and fresh camel milk. This solid soap bar is super moisturising and gentle – ideal for sensitive skins.

We also repurpose castle soap offcuts to egg-shape soaps, which are great for kids’ small hands to create rich bubbles in the shower. Natural ingredients in our hand and body soaps keep kids away from chemicals and make them learn to care about eco-friendly practices at a young age.

We also offer 5 packs as a bundle with reduced packaging – eco-friendly and better prices.

If you are looking for everyday use products…

Our milled soap is hard and long-lasting, still enriched with the skincare benefits of camel milk – rich in vitamins, minerals and natural Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) to keep your skin fresh and radiant. You can enjoy the benefits of camel milk on each hand and body wash.

Bergamot & Musk everyday soap is our best seller (my personal favourite hand soap for the guest bathroom!) – fresh citrus and crisp musk aroma leaves only a hint on your hands; Lavender & Thyme antibacterial soaps are made with a naturally antibacterial extract from the thyme plant, keeping your skin fresh and moisturised; Vanilla wood soap offers a warm and earthy aroma, while unscented is the best for sensitive types.