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Lovingly made in the UAE, discover a range of gift sets that are welcome anywhere in the world.
Camel milk soaps and creams, made in UAE, have been popular gifts for travellers and residents alike. We offer a wide range of natural soap and cream-based gifts made of premium natural ingredients, in celebration of our regional heritage, for the people you care for and love – 9 Handcrafted wooden gift box, 3 skincare gift sets, Aroma or Dubai and Soap Eggs for kids.
A handcrafted wooden gift box is a lasting and unique gift that celebrates the region. Handcrafted from reclaimed Ashwood, the wooden box is beautiful and unique in each piece. The wooden box is filled with a selection of 9 of our most popular handmade natural camel milk soap products. Printed with a unique design from a mosque in UAE and the region, 9 different beautiful handmade ash wooden gift boxes are unique gift sets that celebrate the UAE. Oud, Aromatic Wood and other Middle Eastern aromas are favoured by It’s a popular gift for special occasions, like Eid and Christmas.
We also have three skincare gift sets, which contain a Camel Milk Face Rescue Cream and a face cleansing soap bar. Cleopatra’s legendary seductive and youthful looks are claimed to be the result of her luxurious milk baths. Whether or not Cleopatra bathed in camel milk is debatable; camel milk has long been known as the “white gold” of the desert. Camel milk is one of the most nutrient-dense of all milk – which makes it a perfect moisturiser in creams.
These beautifully handmade soaps could be a perfect gift for your loved ones who care about natural products and premium ingredients. Camel Milk Face Rescue Cream is our award-winning product, with 100% natural ingredients and 40% fresh camel milk. It is designed to improve skin barrier protection and provide gentle care for our skin. The key ingredients, fresh camel milk and Omani frankincense, are rich in natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Vitamin A, C and E, and antioxidants to brighten and tighten your face.
Oily Skin Gift Sets include a detox facial cleansing soap with activated charcoal, gently draws out impurities and unclogs oily pores. Sensitive & Dry Gift Sets include an unscented facial cleansing soap that minimizes the irritation of your sensitive or dry skin. Repair Gift Sets include Frankincense facial cleanser soap, which is fortified with camel milk and healing Omani Frankincense essential oil for its natural properties that help to regenerate stressed skin cells.
The aroma of Dubai is a pack of four everyday camel milk milled soaps. It’s a beautiful gift and memento of Dubai. Our Aroma of Dubai features 4 evocative aromas that pay homage to UAE.